Convert FBX to GLTF: Fastest 3D Model Converter for FREE

The fastest way to convert your 3D files from FBX to GLTF.

Convert FBX to GLTF: Fastest 3D Model Converter for FREE

Welcome to, your gateway to convert your 3D files. Join us while we guide your FBX files into GLTF with effortless precision. GLTF, is known for not just surface geometry but also materials, textures, and animations, and stands as a versatile 3D format. Its robust feature set ensures holistic representation, making it a go-to choice for 3D designs beyond mere geometry storage. Experience the seamless transition of your FBX files into GLTF, unlocking a realm of possibilities across diverse platforms.

World's smartest 3D file convertor and optimizer is a cloud-based, AI-powered 3D convertor and optimizer that supports 40+ file formats, including CAD files.


Convert FBX File to GLTF

Highlights of Our FBX to GLTF Converter:

  • Speed: Less than 15 seconds
  • Cost: FREE
  • File Size Limit: Up to 1GB or 10 MN Polygons
  • File Extensions: .FBX, .GLTF
  • Compatibility: With major 3D editors like Blender, Unity, and more

How It Works

Step 1: Upload FBX File

Drag and drop your FBX file into the upload area, with a maximum file size of 1 GB.

Step 2: FBX to GLTF

Choose GLTF from the options list. Click "Convert" to transform FBX into GLTF, usually completed within 10 seconds.

Step 3: Download Your GLTF File

Retrieve the GLTF file for native storage, usage in Blender, Unity, or any other 3D editor, or share the link with colleagues or friends.

What else can I do with

Now that you've successfully converted your FBX file to GLTF, explore further possibilities with

  • Convert FBX to OBJ
  • Convert FBX to GLB
  • Convert FBX to STL
  • Convert FBX to DAE

Also, Optimize your 3D models or meshes with is the world’s first smart, cloud-based mesh optimizer that can help you optimize your 3D models in a single click. It offers:

AI-powered polygon reduction

Intelligent and automated polygon reduction and mesh optimization process that gets better with every use.

40+ file formats

Convert FBX, GLB, GLTF, OBJ, and CAD files like DWG, DXF, and  STL seamlessly.

Unique new features

Get features like heatmaps, asset segmentation and labelling for an enhanced experience

Visual integrity preservation

Preserve every fine detail and intricate feature in your designs even as you optimize

Lightning-fast performance

Seamlessly interact with optimized 3D models for efficient design.

Security & Privacy

Your creative assets remain confidential during optimization.

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Optimizer optimizer

FAQs: FBX to GLTF Converter by

Does support all FBX features?

Yes, retains animation, rigging, and materials without any data loss during the FBX to GLTF conversion.

Is there a way to preview the output STL file before converting it?

Our editor and viewer enable file preview, aiding informed decisions before conversion.

Does it support multiple materials? supports various materials, enhancing details and realism during conversion.

Does preserve UV mapping?

UV mapping is retained, ensuring correct texture application.

Does it support vertex normals? preserves vertex normals for accurate lighting of your models.

Does it support animation?

Supports animation during conversion and maintains compatibility with other software.

What is the conversion speed of

FBX to GLTF conversion takes under 10 seconds with

What is the file size of the output GLTF file?

Up to 1GB or 10 MN Polygons, with the option for larger files upon request at

What is the quality of the output GLTF file? retains all intricate details without compromising visual quality.

Can I convert FBX to STL on Mac OS or Linux?

Works on Mac OS, Linux, or any OS with a web browser; it's entirely cloud-based with no software installation.

Is it a free tool?

Yes, file conversion from FBX to GLTF on is free.

Is it safe to convert FBX to GLTF on

Your files remain confidential, and we delete them within 24 hours.

Do you provide customer support?

Reach us at for any assistance.

The world's smartest 3D model optimizer is a cloud-based 3D optimizer that supports 40+ file formats including CAD files and comes with a file viewer, heatmap and a unique selective optimization feature.


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