High Poly Model vs Low Poly Model - its advantages and disadvantages.

High Poly Model vs Low Poly Model - its advantages and disadvantages.
High poly robot vs low poly robot

When we talk about low/high Poly models, we must know that it has its origin right from the process of modelling technique.

These polygons have vertices and edges.

Examples: Rectangles, squares, Pentagons and more.

Point to be noted - Triangles and Quads are prominently used.

Have you wondered about how 3D models are made?

It is when 2D polygons are joined together to form a specific model.

A low poly model is a polygon mesh which forms a 3D object. To know more about what low poly models are and its application in various industries READ THIS BLOG.

Let's differentiate between low poly models and high Poly models-

The basic point of difference is the number of polygons used to create a 3D model.

There is no precise number which says what a high/low poly model is.

However, designers suggest that a 3D model having less than or equal to 10,000 polygons is considered a low poly model.

3D models having more than 10,000 polygons are considered as High Poly models.

Following are the established factors that act as a point of differentiation between both High Poly Models and Low Poly Models -

  1. Models - Some models such as a 'Glass' don't require a high Poly count for a smooth finish. Whereas some models such as a detailed face of an antique character might require a high Polycount.
  2. Period of Time - The relevant period when the poly mesh was created plays a major role too. A high Poly model made a decade ago might be a low poly model today. It varies from time to time

These two factors go a long way in determining the poly count used for making a 3D model.

The poly count of a model is critical as it determines the smoothness and accuracy of the three-dimensional object.

Let's know about the advantages and disadvantages of Low Poly Models -    

Jungle in Low Poly 

Advantages -

  • Ease of working - It is easier to make low poly models. Viewing, loading and editing the same is comparatively quicker due to less complexity.

They are considered to be the best for rendering in gaming, animation and pictures used in applications and websites.

  • Suitable for Metaverse - Real-time 3D and Metaverse which involves user experience requires faster rendering of images and objects. Hence, Low Poly Modelling is the best match for Metaverse.

Disadvantages -

  • Average look and feel - Since a low poly model has a low poly count, it lacks the attractiveness that is required in almost every area.

Pro Tip - Be it a Low poly or High Poly Model, your creativity can enhance the model making it appealing. However, knowing the effects, subdivision and modelling process must be practised along with creativity to ensure the same.

  • Less space for Details - When you compare a picture of a high Poly and low poly model, you can see how clear and efficient high Poly models look.

Low poly models, on the other hand, don't provide the same details because of the low poly count and its placement structure.

Let's know about the advantages and disadvantages of high Poly model -

Jungle in High Poly

Advantages -

  • Impressive visual appearance - High Poly models are so efficient that you cannot spot any gap or discontinuity in the model even when you look at it closely. This helps in the Metaverse and gaming industry massively. Now that the 3D model has a role in numerous industries, this acts as a value-added advantage.
  • Texture - The number of images we add to a Texture map plays a significant role in giving the 3D model a finished look. The high Poly model is resource-heavy and can encourage images of different resolutions to ensure a sorted and completely clean 3D model.

Pro Tip - To make the process of rendering faster, condense the maps to fit in the texture sheet to apply to the existing model.

Disadvantages -

  • Time-consuming - Great things take time. High Poly models do take time in their formation. However, they make the process of rendering relatively slow and ineffective. This creates slight difficulty in virtual reality.
  • High-end resources - Making High Poly Models is not only time-consuming but also requires high-end graphics and resources. Latest devices and software are required to access these Models.

Do we know that you've reached here to know if high poly models are more suitable than low poly models or not?

Every action guided by purpose and objective results in success and contentment. So it is with 3D models.

If your purpose is to ensure maximum speed, where your models must be loaded within the blink of an eye, then one must go for Low Poly Models.

If your purpose is to ensure details and impressive visual appearance, then one must go for High Poly Models.

Pro Tip - The beginners must begin with low poly Modelling and then go ahead with High Poly Models. This is done to ensure that one has learnt the foundational principles and excelled in the same.

Excellence comes with practice. Once you have mastered the art of Low poly models, you can try your hands on High Poly models

The 3D model designed will be as good as it must be, whether it is a low poly model or high Poly model, if and only if it serves the purpose.

Both High Poly Models and Low poly models are efficient and significant and for all the good reasons.