What are the advantages of quad modelling?

What are the advantages of quad modelling?

Designers and artists are the digital creators of this world. And nowadays, every person who's passionate about creating and innovating can acquire the skill of designing in the Modern Digital World. This is the era of stepping into the 'New Realities'.

As we know, for a basic model to be created in a three-dimensional scene, 3 or more points are essential. A figure having 3 sides and 3 vertices is termed a 'Tri' in the modelling language.

In the same way, A figure having 4 sides and 4 vertices is known as 'Quad'.

What is Qual Modelling?

Quad modelling is a process of modelling using 4 sided polygons. They are significant in computer graphics and 3D designing.

The most popular type of polygon that 3D artists use while creating digital assets, models and characters is 'Quads', because of the various attributes attached to it.

Let's discuss the attributes of Quads and why it is the most desirable choice for 3D Artists and Designers -

•Quick and Easy - Quads have 4 vertices which helps in representing the critical characters in a detailed manner. They have a regular pattern which facilitates the creation of living beings like humans, nature, insects, birds, animals etc.,

This is possible only because of the curves that Quads provide which look authentic and explicit.

•Clean topology with Edge loops - As Quads are 4 sided, they provide better-connected edge loops. Edge loops, in the three-dimensional scene means, a set of connected edges across the model's surface. This helps in smooth rigging and effective animation.

•Flexibility - If you have completed your design which is currently undergoing the process of modelling, there are chances of dissatisfaction. In such a case, you can arrange and modify the quads according to your convenience during the modelling process to improve the design and its overall visual existence.

Note - Though triangles are originally used by gaming/rendering engines, Quads are efficient when it comes to modelling. They are further converted into triangles immediately before the process of rendering begins. However, this ensures that the curves' delicate edges are modelled appropriately.

Consistent modelling - The basic nature of Quads provides internal consistency and regularity. Object manipulation which is quite technical with other polygons is never the case with Quads. It provides a better hand at modelling the structure with greater and more efficient output.

Subdivision -  Quads have straight ends and edges. This helps in the process of subdivision of Quads at greater ease as compared with other polygons with an approximate prediction of the poly count. As they are four-sided, they ensure a clean outcome after subdivision without any distortion.

Retopology - With Quads, it is quite easy to make an improved mesh to form a low poly model alongside an already existing design.

This new mesh can be placed upon the existing low poly model or an exclusive design. Retopology facilitates improved animation, performance and easier customisation of the model.

Note - Using quads and Triangles varies from person to person. However, designers who use quads understand the significance of topology from the initial stage itself.

Edge flow - the flow of edges while making a low poly model or any character for that matter must be logical and concrete. This is done to ensure proper deformation and animation. Make sure to focus on this point by ensuring even space and clean placement of the Quads.

Note - In 3D modelling, edges can be hard as well as soft depending upon the requirements. Make sure to check the model thoroughly to know that the edges are hardened or softened accordingly.

We can keep adding the advantages of using Quads while modelling. However, every point will ultimately stick to any one of the points mentioned above. While every 3D artist, designer and aspiring designer is taught about these basic principles, it becomes easy to get off-tracked. So, this article is designed to understand the advantages of using Quads in a detailed manner for you to ensure the production of clean and versatile models.

You should also use the Rule of Thumb which helps you decide where to use what. Using Quads in general with Tris and N-gons wherever necessary will make your model unique, clean and smooth.