Can CAD? A Conversation With Answers Your Questions About CAD Optimization

Bill and Matt from ask Vikrant, Founder & CEO, top questions about CAD to real-time optimization support on They touch upon file format support, data security and exciting unparalleled features on

Can CAD? A Conversation With Answers Your Questions About CAD Optimization

It was a bad day for this guy on Reddit.

But anyone who has ever worked on CAD to real-time workflows understands  exactly  how much suffering there is to the process.

I like to imagine, the smartest 3D model optimizer, as the cool superhero (nerd much!) that exists to save 3D artists and game developers from  challenges in 3D optimization — we have built it such.

So it is natural that I cherish every opportunity to talk to fellow 3D evangelists who help us make better every day.

Here is one such conversation Matt Hewitt and Bill Yetman with from, the visual commerce partner for ecommerce leaders. We discuss capabilities of the tool, data security, and upcoming features. I hope that this conversation answers top concerns around CAD to real-time workflow support on

Matt: Is there an opportunity to import a STEP file into the tool? Capability: Absolutely, Yes. You can import STEP and 34 other CAD formats into and export them into over 50+ file formats. commonly used for real-time workflows.

Bill: Can you view the actual design tree, the CAD structure? Capability:  Yes, you can see the entire hierarchy in the Editor mode and also perform tasks such as remeshing and retopology if needed.

Matt: In the workflow, when identifying the highest density mesh and selecting and removing them, as well as isolating one of them for removal, could you explain the process? Capability: Sure, this is typically  done in three ways by 3D artists

  1. Removing hidden geometry and contact surfacing: This involves eliminating anything non-interactable, such as hidden meshes or unnecessary triangles.
  2. Geometry instancing: After 3D artists texture the models, similar geometries (e.g., nuts, bolts) are instanced to reduce draw calls and mesh load.
  3. Camera-based occlusion: Game developers use virtual cameras to determine visible paths within the play area, allowing identification of unnecessary meshes.

Bill: Is there an undo/redo capability? Capability: Yes, we're rolling out that update this week.

Bill: Are you hosted on AWS, available in different regions? Capability: We're currently hosted on AWS USA.

Matt: After removing hidden geometries and contact surfaces from a STEP file, can we export as GLB or GLTF? Capability: Yes, that workflow is supported and is the most popular on

Matt: So, the workflow would be from a STEP file into Convrse, then exporting as GLB or GLTF, and at various points exporting into various file formats for import into Convrse? Capability: That is correct.

Bill: Can you quantify the quality other than the total mesh count, perhaps using a lossless mode? Capability: We're currently working on that, introducing parameters to gauge the damage done by decimation and allowing users to define acceptable levels of loss. The feature will be out soon.

Bill: Can you ensure data security in a multi-tenant environment? Capability: Yes, we offer private instances for enterprise clients to ensure data security and confidentiality. The only restriction there might be  is the native browser limit in case of very large scenes.

Bill: For on-premise usage, do you provide a command-line interface for integration into existing pipelines? Capability: Yes, it can function as either a web-based or app-based application calling the same backend.

Impact of

Over 4000 game developers that use, about 700 come back every week
9217 total models and scenes optimized
9217 total models and scenes optimized
25 work days saved on an average for our users
$1000 dollars saved on manual work on an average
2.3 BN polygons reduced for creator community globally

If you have any other questions about as a studio, an indie creator or an agency - feel free to send them to me. We are working hard to make work for the 3D community - your questions help us guide in the right direction.

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