Unity Vs Unreal: Why Unreal Is Better?

There’s a famous adage - “Unity is made by engineers, Unreal is made by game developers." Let's learn why Unreal is a preferred game engine for game developers.

Unity Vs Unreal: Why Unreal Is Better?

There’s a famous adage - “Unity is made by engineers, Unreal is made by game developers.”

Talk of high-definition graphics, next-gen physics, and visual effects and unreal supremacy remains unparalleled. The fact that Unreal focuses on AAA-quality PC and console products is appreciated by seasoned developers (the 17.7%) who value the absolute control that the platform offers them. Even though lesser games are made using Unreal than Unity, those powered by Unreal are disruptors that have constantly set new standards, including Fortnite (Battle Royale), and Star Wars Jedi (Fallen Order).

Not just this, some of the most anticipated games like  The Witcher 4, The Witcher Remake and The Matrix Awakens will be released on Unreal.

Unreal Engine's Strengths

  • Battle-Tested and Feature-Rich: Unreal Engine boasts a long history and a vast array of built-in features, including animation systems, AI tools, physics simulations, and the impressive Lumen and Nanite for real-time lighting and high-quality rendering.
  • Focus on Games: Unlike Unity, which caters to a broader audience, Unreal Engine is built specifically for game development. This means core functionalities like character controls and game state management are readily available.
  • Advanced toolkit for multiplayer, AI and VR projects
  • Blueprints Visual Scripting: Unreal Engine offers blueprints, a visual scripting system alongside traditional coding, making it accessible to developers of all backgrounds.
  • Free Assets and Tools: Epic Games provides a wealth of free assets and tools through their marketplace, including high-quality 3D models and characters.
  • Ownership by Epic Games: Unreal Engine is owned by Epic Games, a company heavily invested in game development itself (think Fortnite). This might lead to a better understanding of developer needs.

Commitment to Pushing Boundaries: Unreal Engine's Technology Edge

Furthermore, Unreal Engine's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology is evident in its constant evolution and updates. With each new version release, developers gain access to cutting-edge features and optimizations that enhance performance, streamline workflows, and enable the creation of even more immersive experiences.

For example, Unreal Engine 5 introduced groundbreaking technologies like Lumen for dynamic global illumination and Nanite for virtualized geometry, revolutionizing the way developers create and render environments with unprecedented levels of detail and realism. Additionally, Unreal Engine's support for emerging technologies such as ray tracing and VR continues to expand the possibilities for interactive storytelling and immersive gameplay experiences. This dedication to innovation ensures that Unreal Engine remains at the forefront of the industry, empowering developers to stay ahead of the curve and realize their creative vision with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

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